Why Happy Haus

Our in-haus design + build process is the new benchmark for residential projects. We draw from best practices in architecture and construction and our 15+ years of innovation and learning. Our philosophy informs our process and practice and we believe this is why our clients choose to partner with us for one of the most significant projects of their lives.

Our philosophy, process and

Design + build practice

Our design + build practice draws from the best in architecture and construction. Our designs balance light, breezes, privacy, and views for living in the subtropics. Every build benefits from our design, and craftsmanship and client experience. In collaborative partnership, our in-haus team ensures there are no service gaps from design to interiors, cost planning, development and construction approvals, building documentation, and construction.

Drawing on experience

Since 2009, we’ve created homes for many great clients in some of Australia's most amazing locations. Every architect-designed home draws from our vast experience, founded on our collaboration with revered architectural practice Donovan Hill.

Ideas culminate in our Haus Series – a starting point for conversation and inspiration that can be shaped into your home.

Integrated in-haus team

Our in-haus teams work closely with directors Lachlan and Rick, who are actively across every stage of the process. Staying connected to the work, team, and client partners is essential for continuous improvement as a business and service. Our client partners take comfort in knowing they have direct access to our integrated design + build teams throughout their projects.

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North Stradbroke Haus, 2009. The iconic Happy Haus, designed in collaboration with Donovan Hill, is where it all started.

If you’re considering a Happy Haus or about to embark on a new haus project, we can’t wait to say, “Welcome home!”

Lachlan and Rick
Owners Club
Owners Club


Every Happy Haus goes through the same process simply because it works. Our clients benefit from a stated workflow designed to provide the support and information required to make informed collaborative decisions at the right times.

We do this because, as more detailed information becomes available, we want both us and our clients to have more insight upfront with fewer surprises. This process enables better decision-making about ideas, aspirations, and selections throughout the design process.

Listening to and respecting everyone’s input in the process is paramount. As experts, we believe you have chosen us to offer opinions and advice you can trust. Respecting the process means focusing on the right aspects at the right time to maintain momentum and achieve joint success.

James Haus


Good design is at the forefront of our thinking when we start every Happy Haus project. Orientation, site responsiveness, and the opportunities for breezes and ventilation are all factors we consider first, not just what plan works on a site.

What makes our design-and-build process unique is that while our team takes the time to understand the site, the opportunities, and the constraints, we use construction overlays to inform design decisions and provide real-time feedback about their impact on a project.

When good home design goes beyond the all-important practical considerations, it can significantly impact the ambience and internal dynamics of the home. For us, this involves balanced proportions, interconnected spaces that offer views and visual interest, shared spaces, and places for retreat.

Windsor Haus
Windsor Haus


We consider all kinds of projects and assess each individually to carefully manage the number of homes we build each year. Our aim is to balance our company scale and project schedule for benchmark quality and consistency across our practice, process and client experience.

Researching, communicating, and decision-making in pursuit of quality and accuracy takes time and a team of experts and trusted specialists. Our projects and clients are afforded meaningful time and attention so our team can guide them along the right path for designing a haus that will become their home.

Another reason we maintain an intentional scale is to continue working with the same tradespeople and suppliers on every project. We've been working with many trusted collaborators for over 15 years because they know exactly what it takes to bring a Happy Haus together.

Y1 Haus
Y1 Haus


Sustainability for the environment and our industry is an ongoing challenge we embrace within our business philosophy. We are committed to the ongoing research, design, development, and construction of homes sensitive to both.

We design and orient homes to passively capture breezes and light for optimal living in the subtropics. To minimise our impact, we seek out sustainable products and practices. This includes our thinking and actions, from the design of our homes to their ongoing performance.

Haus Tarragindi
Haus Tarragindi


Choosing who creates your home will be one of the most important partnerships of their lives. While designing and building a home is a partnership, we will prepare you at each stage, so you know what is coming, what you need to do, and what outcome we are working towards.

We ask for openness and honesty. Our role in this partnership is to manage all the complexities to ensure the experience is delivered without any service gaps. As partners, we share in the impact of changes and how we address them to maintain positivity and momentum.

With what we’ve seen in the construction industry in recent years, including volatile material pricing and trade shortages, our emphasis on partnership realises the shared success of our projects. We are a trusted partner because we perpetuate outcomes for our partner clients.

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Happy Haus.

Our courtyard home is a sun trap surrounded by plenty of spaces for shade and retreat. Everything flows so well. We love it here, it’s the best decision we’ve ever made.