Happy Haus Philosophy

We believe in being 100% transparent with our customers. We are upfront about extras so you can compare costs and see for yourself where the value lies. Because our pricing is up-front you will see immediately what’s included and what is extra so you can compare costs and see where the value lies.

The value of good design

Good design means generous proportions, with spaces that flow together to provide views and interest, combined with zoned living, sleeping and family areas. Our homes are created not just to meet practical considerations of flow, space and style but to significantly alter the ambience and internal dynamics.

Serious about sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a core element of the Happy Haus business philosophy. Happy Haus is committed to the ongoing research, development and construction of homes that are sensitive towards nature.

We strive to minimise the impact on our environment taking an approach that sees environmental considerations as a key business driver, spanning all areas of our business. This includes our thinking and actions initially from the design of our homes through to their ongoing performance.

Customer Centric

We value our customers and the quality of our customer service. We work in partnership with our clients, from initial consultation to final sign off, to ensure the creation of your dream home and the delivery of an unbeatable experience.

Our decision to stay small in size enables us to create highly personalised experiences for our customers. This enhances our ability to design and build homes of unbeatable quality.

Like what you hear? Let us be a part of your home building experience and contact us today.