Design Series: Subtropical Homes

While design for the subtropics is a large topic — with many areas for consideration — our guide explores some basic principles that you can apply to home design that will help promote and enhance the joy of living in the subtropics.

Brian Donovan, Architect and Happy Haus Founding Partner

“We all have an idea in our mind of what makes a subtropical house. The traditional Queenslander is recognised as a wonderful example of a building of its time and type designed in a response to and in sympathy with, the environment.

Features such as covered veranda spaces, window hoods and latticed edges protect the core of a Queenslander from the extremes of the climate and create a filtered transition of dappled light and shade aimed at maximising comfort.

In many instances, this response to climate and care for comfort has been lost in the mainstream homes of today — primarily through a lack of awareness of the building siting, plan arrangements, construction techniques and material selection.”

The first instalment in our new design series culminates in a guide to Subtropical Homes based on discussions with Architect and Happy Haus Founding Partner, Brian Donovan about designing and living in the Subtropics.

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From the guide: this section diagram explores how spaces relating to each other can create both social and ventilation opportunities.

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