You and your family can have a home as individual as the lives you lead and the people you are. If you're looking to build a new custom home choose Happy Haus, and watch as we replace hassle with happiness throughout your home building journey.
Custom Haus Guide

Building a new home is incredibly exciting. Some of our clients choose to create custom homes to experience living in a space designed to suit their lifestyle, specific site characteristics, or to pursue an architectural vision.

To help you on your home building journey we've put together a guide with expert tips on what to think about when considering a architectural commission.

How do we build happy outcomes?

  1. We listen to ideas, aspirations and concerns, forming meaningful partnerships with you. We provide expert advice to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  2. We work with trusted collaborators that add significant value in terms of products and professionals who understand what it takes to design and build a Happy Haus project.
  3. We price our projects at multiple points throughout the design phase, providing real-time feedback so you're confident to make decisions about your home.
  4. We provide industry standard fixed price building contracts on all projects.
  5. We strike a balance between design, quality and cost.